MIK21 has opened the future of hope with constant passion and challenge.
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Despite many setbacks and hardships over the past years, MIK21 has managed to achieve solid growth by turning crisis into opportunity. We are now taking our first steps into our next century.

We have always been motivated by passion and a willingness to take on any challenge to make the future better. We are now driven to bring to fruition even greater ambitions in the next 100 years, a time of continued change and innovation.

To this end, we will expand and improve upon core competencies to build an enterprise with strong global competitiveness.

MIK21 was built upon manufacturing, starting with Video Signal Generator, and Video Signal Distribution Buffer will be strengthened to help elevate Korea's competitiveness in the world market as a whole.

We will also develop and further expand our involvement in growth company.

We have devised a long-term master plan and a sound management strategy to raise the productivity and effectiveness of company. We are determined to make MIK21 an industry model in which the public can place its full trust and confidence.

Corporations do not exist solely for the purpose of generating profit. We believe it is our obligation and responsibility to ensure the happiness and well being of our customers.

At MIK21, we are preparing for a new century of rapid growth generated by change and innovation. We promise to do our best to make the best company that satisfies our customers and employees.

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